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Since - 1995

Vinyl Laminated Gypsum Tiles Ceiling System


Gypsum Ceiling System is a lay in system which uses vinyl gypsum board panels of size 600*600 mm laid on exposed suspended metal ceiling Tee Bar grid system (T24).Vinyl ceiling panel cladded with different types of attractive and durable coating vinyl film meet the desired for any design. The gypsum panel backend coated with aluminum foil which acts as an insulation against high humidity and/or extremely high temperature. 

Assembly System

Tiles Details


Thick Core Coating Backing


Cutting Size 595mm

9.5 mm

Reinforced Gypsum Board

Vinyl laminated washable pattern thickness=0.07mm

Aluminum Pet Foil thickness=0.024mm

Vinyl Pattern

Suspension System

Gypsum vinyl tiles uses with Tee Bar Suspended grid system T24(M38/C25).

Suitable Grids

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